The number one rule in Kindergarten is FLEXIBILITY! :) While this is the ideal schedule for our day, please realize that many factors may influence a change in our daily routine.

8:00~ Arrival: students begin arriving. As they enter, they take care of their folders, put up their lunch choice, and go to breakfast. We have a morning table activity that consists of a worksheet, journal write, or handwriting practice. When they finish, they may explore puzzles, games, or books.

8:35~Phy.Ed. Students receive physical education classes every day for 25 minutes with a teaching specialist.

9:05~Morning Meeting and calendar: I use the Responsive Classroom approach to morning meeting, with a greeting, activity, sharing, and news and announcements. All are academic based and used as review for content that we have previously covered.

9:35~Literacy Block: This is our large block of time to do the Daily 5, guided reading, whole group study, and iPads. We begin our literacy block with small group work and review of skills. Then, we do large group work, partner reading, and skill specific activities.

11:00~Social Studies/Science/Health integrated curriculum

11:35~Lunch and Recess

12:40~Math: We review math concepts with our interactive math journals when we come in from recess. Our math curriculum is Go Math!, and I also supplement with age appropriate academic games and manipulative based activities. 

1:25~Music: Our music specialist, Mr. Barnby, sees the students every day for 25 minutes.He does age appropriate movement, song, and academic activities with the kindergartners.

1:50~Snack: Students bring in snacks weekly, on a rotating schedule. Students receive milk at no cost. We use this time to practice our "restaurant behavior" skills, speaking politely, and cleaning up after ourselves.

2:00~Rest Time: All day, every day kindergarten is a big transition, so we begin our year with a 25-30 minute rest time every day. As the year progresses, this time and frequency may decrease, depending on the students' needs.

2:25~Sensory Room: We have a sensory room that PreK and Kindergarten uses for creative play time. There are fine motor as well as gross motor activities, dress up, kitchen, puppet theater, a sensory table, and many other developmentally appropriate activities. This less structured learning time offers students the opportunity to refine their social skills, cooperation, and use their imagination.

2:50~Closing circle and dismissal at 3pm.