Tuesday, June 28th, 2016


Rick Bleichner 


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Superintendent’s Corner

February 9, 2016

What a rough day weather wise we had on Monday!  We did not have too much snow to contend with, but when we get the sustained winds that we had, the little snow that is around makes for one nasty ground blizzard at times.  This now accounts for the second full snow day that we have had this year, and we are not yet to the state tournaments.

Snow Make-Up Day – It is always tough to make decisions when to call off school and when to tough it out.  Monday was one of those days that made it difficult insomuch that at times, it did not look too bad, and at other it was a complete whiteout.  The decision to close always rests with what is the safest choice for students and staff.  Though this can cause an inconvenience for parents that are working, we will always keep kids safety in mind as our deciding factor.

The makeup day that was scheduled for this upcoming Monday, Presidents’ Day, but due to the fact that the snow day is so close in proximity to the makeup date, it has been decided to continue with the four day break and use Easter Monday as our official snow makeup date.  It is noted that whatever date is chosen will not always be the best choice for everyone, but this gives all of us ample notice to plan appropriately.

Elementary Robotics – Our elementary robotics teams have done fabulously well over the course of their competitive season this year.  They have earned opportunities to compete at the state and national levels.  Just recently they competed in the state competition in St. Cloud and had two teams place in the top three.  Our teams finished with a second and third place finish.  That is outstanding! 

The elementary robotics program will be hosting a scrimmage on Presidents’ Day here at the Herman School.  This will be open for public viewing so be sure to check out the times located elsewhere in the newspaper and on the Herman website.

Foreign Exchange Students – It is not too early to start planning for the upcoming school year.  Some of you may be interested in hosting a foreign exchange student.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you as a family, individual, or couple to bring in some culture and excitement to your home and our community.  If you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student, please give me a call at school and I will set you up with the right organization.  A foreign exchange student does count as another student enrolled in our school and will bring some much appreciated diversity and culture to our student body.

Foster Families – I recently attended a meeting and the need for foster families in Grant County was brought forward.  It was mentioned that they are unable to find foster families in Grant County and some students were forced to be placed in the Metro area.  If you have room and would like to take on a foster student, please contact the Grant County Social Services at 218-685-8200.  They will be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding placement and financial reimbursements.

Make it a great week!