Friday, November 28th, 2014

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Rick Bleichner


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Superintendent’s Corner

November 17, 2014

Snow Days

One of the more common questions I receive often, and it typically begins around this time of the year is, “How is the decision made to call school off when the weather gets bad?”  This is a great question as there is no exact science to this answer.  This is probably one of the more difficult items that I have to encounter as an administrator.  When the decision is made to start late, leave early, or just plain not have school, it affects so many people as parents have to worry about daycare, getting time off from work, businesses potentially not having employees at their business, make-up day, etc.  The overall, underlying, factor is to always keep the safety of kids at heart.

It is always our hope to be able to call school off the evening before if we know for certain that this is the right move.  I will tell you that I have in the past made this call and the next day was actually pretty good as the storm had ended up taking a different direction or not dumping as much as what was predicted.

For the most part, what is done in making this decision is to watch weather forecasts and predictions.  I also have a network of area superintendents and others that we converse by phone and/or text very early in the morning or in the evening so we are all getting the same information.  Sometimes the cutoff line of a storm that has hit a neighboring district is pretty close to the district lines and what is right for one district may not necessarily be correct for another.

If we are going to make the call in the evening, I like to have it done before the evening news so parents are able to get that information, allowing them to make plans in the evening for the next day.  This is ultimately the best time to let everyone know.  If there is some uncertainty and the decision needs to be made in the morning, this is typically done before 6:00 a.m. so our busses are not out on the routes already.

If school is cancelled, the announcement is made to all television stations and radio stations that are in the viewing and listening area.  Individually you also have the opportunity to sign up for the KSAX and WCCO School Alert.  This is something that you will need to sign up on their websites.  It is also posted on Facebook.

We have some snow make-up days built into the school calendar.  A decision will be made at a later date, in the not so distance future, as to when we will use those dates for snow days.

Again, the goal of this process is to keep it safe for all kids, families, faculty and staff.  I have always made the statement that I would rather err on the side of safety than put others in harm’s way.  If at any time as a parent you feel safer keeping your child home, you will always have that as an option.


Our Thanksgiving Break will begin on Wednesday, November 26th.  There is no school Wednesday through Friday of next week. I would like to wish all of you a very wonderful Thanksgiving and hopefully you will be able to spend it with family and friends.

Make it a great week!