Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Herman-Norcross Community School  

504 Lois Avenue North, Herman, MN 56248

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Superintendent / Principal
Rick Bleichner


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Superintendent’s Corner

October 6, 2014


Our School will be asking district residents to vote yes on two levies that will need approval on November 4th.  The first, and of utmost importance, will be our operating referendum levy in the amount of $654.81 per pupil unit.  This is money that is desperately needed in order for us to operate all functions of the school district here in Herman-Norcross.  The second question on the ballot is for a capital project levy and is also of importance as it will allow us to be able to use it for technology, transportation, roofing, and replacement of asbestos tiling in our elementary classrooms and hallways.

It is always difficult to go to our voters and ask for money to help run our district, but it always has been, and is now, important as 90% of districts in the state need to do this in order to operate their districts.  We currently have three Operating Levy Referendums in place, but as most of you know, through equalization from the state, taxes have remained fairly low in our district.  It has been recently said to me, “Herman-Norcross School taxes are a real good deal as our neighbors pay at a much higher rate.” This is a way to keep your state tax dollars local.  You will pay state taxes; let’s keep more of your dollars here.  By voting yes for this operating levy, you are replacing an existing levy and your school portion of your property taxes virtually will not increase.

In the second question on the ballot, we are asking for a $50,000 Capital Project Levy for 10 years.  This will allow us to use this money for only the items that are listed above.  Currently to do any of these projects, we need to plan and budget many years in advance, and to fully accomplish more than one of these at a time makes it very difficult if not impossible to complete. 

Transportation costs are not cheap and we will need to replace two vans within the next year and a bus soon to follow as wear and tear along with rust takes its toll on our fleet.  State law only allows us to use a van to transport student for 10 years.

Roofing is always an issue when flat roofs are used on buildings.  Each and every year we are faced with fixing roofs or parts of our roofing system.  Last fall we recovered the area above the cafeteria with a warranty of 20 years.  These are costly repairs and fixes, but absolutely necessary.

Technology is a huge part of education and a major part of how we function as a society.  Though prices continue to come down, the next newest and innovating ideas are in production and we are yet to find out what it may be.  This too, as all of you well know, comes at a cost.  Not only at a cost of the initial purchase, but repairing and replacing as it does not last forever. (I can remember the days of the electric typewriter and the Apple IIe).  We would like to keep up with other districts in bringing the best learning opportunities for our students.

Asbestos floor tiles when left undisturbed, do not pose a health threat, but as they become chipped, cracked, or worn, particles may be in the air which can cause health issues.  Our Health and Safety dollars allow us to use that money for removal, but we must use general fund money to replace the tiles, thus causing a budgeting issue with these funds.  It is our goal to remove all asbestos tiling and replace it with non asbestos tiling.  This task was completed a year ago in one of the elementary rooms.

In passing this Capital Project Levy, an increase will be shown on your school portion of your property taxes.  A capital project levy allows this portion to be levied on all properties in our district versus an operating levy which is only placed on residential, businesses, and agricultural properties consisting of a house, garage and one acre of land.  Seasonal recreational property owners do not pay taxes on the operating referendum, but will pay on the capital projects levy.  The amount of $50,000 spread over all properties helps bring this to a manageable cost for everyone.  A tax analysis impact chart will be mailed out to all district residents and we will be holding a public meeting for discussion at our October board meeting.  Please feel free to call with any questions before Election Day comes around.

Football Game

We will be having a home football game this Friday afternoon at 3:30.  We will be hosting Bertha-Hewitt with a tailgating supper to follow after the game in the school cafeteria, sponsored by our senior class.

Fall Break

Our annual Fall Break will take place next week October 16th and 17th.  Please be sure to make arrangement for your students during this time.  Also, encourage them to read as this is a good break to read a book or two.

Make it a great week!


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