Friday, December 15th, 2017

  • 1882-The school was located in Herman. It cost about $5,300.
  • 1892-The first graduating class was held in Herman. Maude Earsley was Valedictorian and Robert Hixon  salutatorian.
  • 1893-The smallest graduating class.  It consisted of only 2 people.
  • 1902-Started construction of the Elementary school building.
  • 1904-Elementary school completed.
  • 1905-The brick school replaced the big and little schools.
  • 1935-The high school addition was built.
  • 1938-First year book was published.
  • 1948-Start of the hot lunch program. Cost was 15 cents a day with an average of 150 students daily.
  • 1964-School enrollment was 554.
  • 1970-Herman and Norcross consolidated.  (High school students, however, had been attending since the mid fiftys.)
  • 1991- The 100th class graduated Herman

From about 1940 to 1991 the class sizes were quite large.  Some classes had about 50 students.  Now the average class size is around 10.  


This is a picture of the Small school that was here in Herman.


This is a picture of the Big school that was also in Herman.


This is the brick school that replaced the small and big schools.


This is the current school here in Herman, only the high school wing.